Midjourney to ban Biden, Trump images ahead of 2024 US elections fearing AI-generated misinformation by ProductSellerMarket

Midjourney, a popular platform for generating AI-created images, is contemplating a ban on AI-generated political images, particularly those featuring President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, as the United States gears up for the upcoming election season.

The move aims to sidestep potential controversies and misuse of the platform during this politically charged period.

David Holz, CEO of Midjourney, expressed the company’s deliberations during a recent session on Discord, an online chat platform. Holz cited concerns about political speech on the platform, especially amidst the heightened tensions of an election cycle.

While acknowledging the appeal of creating images related to political figures, Holz hinted at the possibility of temporarily restricting such content to maintain a neutral stance during the election period.

The consideration comes in light of broader efforts across the tech industry to mitigate the spread of misinformation and prevent platforms from being exploited for political purposes.

Other CEOs, such as Mustafa Suleyman of Inflection AI and Sam Altman of OpenAI, have also voiced concerns and implemented measures to safeguard against the proliferation of misleading content, including AI-generated deepfakes.

Midjourney has existing community standards aimed at curbing the creation of deceptive or harmful images, but concerns persist about users circumventing these restrictions.

The potential ban on political imagery, if implemented, may not be publicly announced, according to Holz, underscoring the company’s cautious approach to handling sensitive content.

However, experts caution that banning specific political figures from image-generation platforms may only serve as a temporary solution. Hany Farid, a digital forensics expert, believes that while such measures may address immediate concerns, they do not address the larger issue of political disinformation.

Despite platform safeguards, individuals may find ways to circumvent restrictions, perpetuating the spread of misleading content.

As Midjourney and other platforms navigate the complexities of content moderation and political sensitivities, the challenge remains in striking a balance between free expression and preventing the misuse of AI-generated content for nefarious purposes.

(With inputs from agencies)

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