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Even though it has been just days since we started to put the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra through its paces, Samsung’s newest flagship has already impressed us. While of course, it comes with some of the best specs and hardware that money can buy, this year around, its all about the ton of new AI features that Samsung is launching as part of its Galaxy AI.

Contrary to most other tech manufacturing companies who are jumping on the AI bandwagon to cash in on the latest tech buzzword, Galaxy AI brings a ton of noteworthy changes and features to the table.

Samsung says that their new AI features mean that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a new way to think about a smartphone, and what a device as personal as the smartphone can do. For once, this may not be mere marketing fluff, but have some truth to it. We’ve had the chance to spend some time on the phone, and here are our first thoughts and impressions.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Impressions: The design
Even though the design of the new Galaxy S24 Ultra is quite similar to the previous model, there are some important changes to note.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has this cool Titanium body that makes it super premium. It has a matte finish, and you can choose from different colours, making the phone feel strong and stylish.

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Image Credit: Firstpost | Mehul Reuben Das

Even though the design hasn’t changed much, sticking to the same look isn’t a bad idea. It helps people recognize the brand, and it gives Samsung time to make small improvements for a better user experience.

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra has a flat display and tweaked side rails, making it easy to hold, and it feels surprisingly light, even though it’s a big phone.

The overall look isn’t drastically different from the previous version, but with the new colours and Titanium body, it feels different in a good way. The Galaxy S24 Ultra keeps things familiar but adds a touch of freshness, meeting what people expect from a modern phone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Impressions: The hardware
The Galaxy S24 Ultra, similar to Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, features a durable titanium build. Its flagship design is complemented by a generous 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, delivering a smooth visual experience with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Under the hood, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, made using the 4nm lithography process. Plus, the device provides flexible memory and storage options, including configurations like 12GB with 1TB, 12GB with 512GB, or 12GB with 256GB.

Noteworthy among its features is the advanced camera system, boasting a 12MP ultra-wide camera with a wide 120-degree field of view, a substantial 200MP main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and specialized telephoto cameras offering 5x and 3x optical zoom options. Additionally, the phone is equipped with a 12MP front-facing camera for impressive selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Impressions 2
Image Credit: Firstpost | Mehul Reuben Das

Powering the device is a robust 5,000mAh battery, and the inclusion of wired charging, utilizing a 45W Adapter, enables users to attain a significant 60-70 per cent charge in just half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Impressions: Its all about AI
The standout feature of this handset is its AI capabilities, and what makes it unique is that Samsung does not heavily rely on the cloud or require an internet connection for most of its functions, but rather does most of its work on the device itself.

Samsung is calling its advanced intelligence, Galaxy AI, and it marks the first time a device combines a large language model and generative AI. The primary source of power for Galaxy AI is Google’s Gemini AI.

One of the most fascinating AI features is Live Translate. This feature can translate conversations in real time. Imagine talking to someone, and Live Translate instantly translates your words, conveying them to the other person without delay.

It’s quite a mind-boggling feature, and while it seems like a simple innovation, it’s one that many feel should have happened a long time ago. Additionally, there’s a Samsung Notes feature that can summarize, transcribe, and translate content, most of which, are done on the device itself.

Another intriguing feature is Circle to Search, allowing you to perform a Google search for anything by simply circling the object, even in videos. These AI capabilities showcase Samsung’s commitment to innovation, bringing practical and offline-friendly features to users, making the Galaxy S24 Ultra stand out among other smartphones.

Then, there is the entire set of features on AI-based photo and video shooting, and editing.

One standout feature is Generative Edit, which smoothly fills in space when you ask it to move or delete a selected area.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Impressions 1
Image Credit: Firstpost | Mehul Reuben Das

Another notable feature is the Instant Slow-mo capability. With the Galaxy S24 series, you can add the slow-motion effect after recording the video, making it much more convenient and enjoyable. This feature is a significant improvement over recording everything in slow-motion video mode and allows for easy sharing on social media.

In my perspective, the upgrades introduced by Samsung in the new S24 Ultra model are both practical and revolutionary. Instead of addressing non-existent problems, the focus is on finding solutions for existing challenges.

Notably, Samsung’s commendable effort to integrate AI into smartphones is a significant step forward in technological innovation. Stay tuned for an upcoming detailed review of the S24 lineup, promising insights into the phone’s overall performance and features.

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