Indian Twitter rival Koo plans to go global, wants to hire employees fired by Elon Musk by

Recently, Twitter has reduced its workforce to less than half of what it was before Musk walked into the headquarters. Reports suggest that half of the employees, including the then CEO Parag Agrawal, were fired by Musk and the core management, while a majority of the remaining are walking out voluntarily as the company is forcing a hardcore work environment. 

Koo welcomes ex-Twitter employees

It is apparent that the tech mogul is desperate to cut Twitter's costs and maximize revenue, a part of which is the new Twitter Blue subscription that costs $7.99 a month. However, the employees that have been fired might have a golden opportunity in front of them as the Indian microblogging platform Koo wants to hire ex-Twitter employees, per a report.

While the world remains divided on how Musk is petting his new bird, rival platform Koo has been taking advantage of the situation. In an attempt to lure frustrated Twitter users, Koo is adding several features to its app, making it a suitable alternative for anyone who wants to use a platform like Twitter, but not Twitter. 

However, the platform needs more engineers who can manage everything to accommodate more users and provide more features. Turns out, Mayank Bidawatka, the co-founder of the Indian microblogging platform, is looking to hire ex-Twitter employees fired by Musk. 

The platform wants to expand globally

Through his official Twitter account, Bidawatka recently announced that Koo would hire some of the Twitter ex-employees. He says that "they [the fired employees] deserve to work where their talent is valued. Microblogging is about people's power. Not suppression." 

Earlier this month, the CEO of the platform, Aprameya Radhakrishna, confirmed that Koo would launch in the United States soon. In addition, the ambitious platform also wants to roll out in other regions, including Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines and Bangladesh. 

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